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We offer pet sitting services all year round!

Professional Pet Sitting Service

Where were you when you remembered you had a trip coming up and you realized you forgot to get someone for your dog, cat or even your guinea pig?  

HOW will  our pet sitting service help you?  i.e. do you need us to send photos after each visit?, do you need us to leave report card?  did you know that you have the choice of us returning your keys if it is a one-off service or we hold onto the keys in our secure lock box.

These are a few things you can be sure of happening when you’re not there:

  • Check your pets for bumps and possible scrapes.
  • Clean and fill water and food bowl (DUH, right)
  • Detailed lists of their antics
  • Photos as proof that they love us and we love them as well-the little stinkers crawl into our hearts!

What about qualifications you wonder? Did you know that there are  organizations for pet sitters and dog trainers? A 1 Critter Sitters and Training is a proud member of such organizations. (i.e. NAPPS, PSI, APDT to mention a few).

What about insurance, licensing? Are these concerns you care about? WELL guess what? So do we!

  • Qualified Pet Sitter
  • Member of local kennel club
  • Insured and licensed
  • Also we enjoy meeting new friends

Remember, we are here to help you solve your problems or troubles.

A 1 Critter Sitters and Training is here to help you when need or want to work longer hours or even take a family vacation!

Our Happy Customers!

Do you have a quirky pet? Do they sit or “hang” out like some of the cats above?

We do some of our best work just hangin’ with the pets.  Sometimes they are our best adventures!

More About Our Pet Sitting Service

What are some things you miss doing with your pets while you are away from home? 

  1. Long walks with some great talks in between?
  2. Cuddling on the couch watching TV while drinking a hot cup of tea?
  3. Taking your pets to get pictures with Santa or even the Easter Bunny!!
  4. What other adventures do you want us to share with you (through pictures) and your pets?

These are some adventures we would love to create or continue with your pets.

Walks with the ancient dog!

           Walking gym with the pocket pets!

    Brush down session with the horses!

            Kitten talks with the talking or singing cats we watch!

    Throwing the ball for, what may seem like, the longest fetch session in the afternoon!!

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