Farm Animals and Pocket Pets

We offer care to those pets not usually thought of:  Pocket Pets and Farm Animals!!

Professional Farm and Pocket Pet Animal Service

 Show off a little! Tell us about all of your farm or pocket pets! WHY you should use us, rather than our competitors, to take care of your pet.

Talk to us about HOW our horse, goat or even pig watching service will work for you and your pets. i.e. how would you like us to feed your animals their rations, their supplements and such.

Does your pig like to be brushed with a specific brush?

Does your horse like to play ball? We are always expanding our knowledge on pet care:

  • How to not get stepped on by a prancing horse.
  • How to not turn your back on a goat! So not fun!!
  • How to read how the pet is feeling so we can be careful if needed.
  • How to info is always on a need to know basis.
  • How your pocket pet likes to crawl under long hair!
  • How does your reptile or arachnid take their or defrosted?
  • Also...We work with you on your pet's needs. We just need your input!

Our Happy Customers!

We at A 1 Critter Sitters have had experience with many different species of farm animals. Those experiences have been personally or through books and videos.  We are here to help you to be able to leave for a day or so and have the peace of mind knowing we are there and we have the knowledge to take care of your beloved pets!

More About Our Farm and Pocket Pet Services

We have had access to horses–Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Mini and stubborn!   We have dealt with hedgehogs, Angora rabbits, snakes, pot belly pigs, dwarf goats, fainting goats… The list does not go on much longer but it does go on a little more.

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