Ways To Kick Off The Summer Season With Your Pet In RIVERHEAD

● The summer season is one of the best times of the year. The weather is sunny and

warm, and there are tons of activities going on around town. Let’s discuss some of our

favorite ways to spend time with our pets during Summer.

○ Take A Hike: 

    Take a look at this link to find some great places to hike with your dogs:


○ Play In The Pool: Summer is the swimming season! Talk about a few fun games that pet  owners can play in the pool with their dogs.

   Here are a few dog pool games to play

    8 Pool Games for Dogs

  • Pool Fetch. …
  • Raft Riding. …
  • Keep Away. …
  • Water Hoops. …
  • Dock Diving. …
  • Catch Me If You Can. …
  • Play Pirate. …
  • Set Up a Baby Pool.

○ Head To The Beach: There’s a lot of fun to be had down by the ocean with your pup. 

   Describe a few dog-friendly beaches in your area and be sure to include

   relevant information.

   Here is a link for the 21 Great Beaches to take your dogs.


○ Pack A Picnic: There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal with your pup on a

   summer day.

   Here is one great article to check out to have a safe picnic with your dog.https://www.foodlion.com/fresh-ideas/6-tips-to-plan-a-dog-friendly-picnic/