How To Choose The Best Toys For Your Dog

  • No two dogs are alike. Not only are they different sizes, shapes, and breeds, every dog has a unique personality. Therefore, every dog enjoys a different variety of toys.
  • Some of the common dog toys such as plushies, Kongs, rubber bones, real bones, tennis balls, etc have Pros and Cons to them all.

Pros:   Favorite that can relax your pet for many hours at a time.

           Training with a dog that doesn’t train with food can be tried with their favorite toy.

           Self play – this is where the dog will entertain itself for a long time.

Cons:  Self play – Interaction with their human is disturbed. Meaning the pet would rather      play with the toy instead of the owner.

           Demand Barking may start if you are not quick enough to throw the ball or reload the automatic ball thrower.

           Automatic Treat Dispenser – the dog may become destructive with the device, whether in frustration or being rewarded for the wrong reason after hitting the handle.

  • To find out the best toys for your dog, the secret is to try everything! You will never know whether or not your dog likes a toy unless you try it first. Consider ordering toys from retailers like Amazon or Chewy so that you can return them hassle-free if your dog doesn’t take to them. 
  • Be sure to consult with your veterinarian to see if they have any recommendations for toys for your dog that might help their teeth or stimulate their minds.
  • There are mind stimulating toys on the market that allow dogs to eat slower, move slides to retrieve a food treat and even balls that deliver treats when the ball is hit with a paw and rolled.