Top 6 Spring Activities To Do With Your Dog In Riverhead

  • Spring is a great season for pet parents. The weather is starting to warm up (but it isn’t too warm!) and there are sure to be plenty of indoor & outdoor pet-friendly happenings around town.
  • Some of the ways that pet parents can ring in the spring season with their dog are:
    • Taking the puppy on a special hike & suggest 1-2 hiking trails in town Grumman or Indian Island Park.
    • Going out to eat with the puppy at a pet-friendly restaurant — Roadhouse or Bouy One
    • Staying in, watching a movie, and snuggling on the couch! Anyone able to suggest a dog-themed movie that they are really into?
    • Camping in your local pet-friendly parks is available as well. Again Indian Island Park, Sears Bellows Park as well as Cathedral Pines in Shirley, NY area.
    • Checking out a local dog park or booking a dog walk with their dog walker!