Top at Least 5 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Pet In Riverhead

– I recommend picking the ones that have great social media presence (An active FB page or FB Group). Riverhead has a few around town that allow dogs- Roadhouse in Riverhead, Barrow Food House in Aquebogue, Buoy One in Riverhead and even the deck of Tweeds Restaurant in Riverhead. Go to their websites and pick out something unique about their restaurant and grab their contact info. 

– Highlighting 2-3 hiking trails in this area is even easier to mention (weather permitting) that are popular in the Riverhead area. The length of the hikes vary as well as many other notable facts. There are two that I frequent many times whenever we get the time to do so.  Indian Island Park, Stotsky Park and the longest one would be the one Isaac Dog Park is great to relieve pet waste then going for the long walk ALL around the Grumman property.

– There may not be many pet-themed movies but we do suggest a movie night in while snuggling on the couch with your best pal and a bowl of popcorn as well!