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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Do you have to run home and let your dog(s) out at lunch time?

Are you tired of needing to rely on family or neighbors to watch your home and/or pets and would like to have more peace of mind and a whole lot less worry and stress?

Well then we are here to help with all of these “problems”  We will come to you for an in home consultation and get you set up with a plan for when you do plan on going away or need to just “pop in” and let the dog out.

Is your dog driving your nuts?

Is your dog unruly and needing some manners?

Is your dog needing a refresher course on manners?

Training your dog should not be as hard as it appears. Please give us a call and we can start you and your dog on the path to manners and being more of a pleasure to bring out in public.

Do you need to take a long needed vacation but do not know who to call to watch your fur family?

Do you have a pet that needs medications given and you do not know someone that is able to do this?

Are you not going on a vacation because you can’t take your pets? 

A 1 Critter Sitters and Training, Inc does all of this and more which allows you to vacation and work longer hours knowing we are there to take care of your pets while you work and play.