Learn How To Train Your Dog

Learn How To Train Your Dog


Have you been wanting to get your dog to be a little more obedient or perform tricks for you on-command?  Get ready, January is officially National Train your Dog Month!  This month was chosen as the best time for people to get together and share their desire to train their dogs, since a lot of new pet owners are added during the holidays.  This is also a critical time to educate dog owners because, unfortunately, many of them fall victim to frustration with their pups and they end up at animal shelters or even abandoned.

There are no “bad dogs,” you just need to train your dog.

Dogs aren’t adopted or bought with the intent to abuse or neglect, of course, but it happens all too frequently, mostly because of a lack of experience and wisdom about dogs, in general.  Dogs aren’t robots and they must be treated with a great deal of love, patience, and encouragement.  Most new dog owners have an inherent knee-jerk reaction to dogs who act with a sense of lawlessness or rambunctiousness.  This is why training is so important, because how you react to a dog’s behavior will train it to feel or behave a certain way, whether it was your intent or not.

No dog is born bad or mean, this is a learned behavior.  For example, dogs who attack or lash out against their owners do so out of fear, solitary confinement, or other abuse.  By training your dog with love, care, and professional wisdom, you will never ever need to be worried about a dog snapping at you.

Do It yourself or Train Your Dog with a Professional?

If you have the time and the patience, you can certainly train your dog from home, with help from guide books, videos, and education materials found online. Victoria Stilwell is a positive reinforcement dog trainer who has a lot to offer on her site and through all her trainers

One thing you do not want to do is try to train your dog and force progress due to frustration.  Dogs sense when you’re being temperamental and will not respond well to training that is too heavy-handed or rushed.  Sometimes it’s best to allow your dog to be trained by a professional, that way both you and your dog get started off on the right foot.


Finding the Right Dog Trainer To Train Your Dog:

At first glance, the cost to hire a professional trainer for your dog may seem a little steep, but think of this as an investment for you and your dog’s future.  Properly trained dogs are proven to live happier and healthier lives because of the strengthening of the bond between them and their owner.

You want to find a dog trainer that is trustworthy, but also has the ability to explain how and why your dog responds to certain commands and stimuli.  You can try asking family or friends who have had their dog trained, as well as scouring the list of trainers online or via smartphone apps.

Dog training should also involve getting your four-legged friend acclimated with their own kind.  Socialization with other dogs is important for keeping them balanced and well-behaved.  How your dog deals with its environment is important, which includes the unannounced visit by other dogs.

Training your dog should be a team effort, both owner and pet need to have trust, support, and the goal of making each other happy.